Ron Wilson

About the artist

Major inspirations for my work have been Ben Nicholson, John Piper & Picasso, full of colour, reflections and exuberance The places I have lived in all my life, Yorkshire and Edinburgh, give me two entirely different worlds to depict enriched by my sketching and painting when I travel in Britain, Europe and USA.

Other influences are the American Abstract Expressionists for their radical call to me to always challenge and question, and to Matisse for his bold sensuality.

A career in graphic design and advertising for 25 years has provided me with a vivid technique of telling a story through drawing and painting.

Recently, I have returned to printmaking after a second career of 20 years as an antiquarian book dealer. Printmakers such as Bonnard, Warhol and the German expressionists have all impacted on my awareness of the diverse ways marks can be made on paper.

All of these influences have I hope have been absorbed into my art. I hope the selection on the gallery pages gives you some sense of where my art is at present.